Le guarattelle di Pulcinella


“Guarattella” is an old Neapolitan word which translates as: “an initially very simple situation that evolves into a very confusing one”. The word is still used in Naples to indicate when people clumsily succumb to an otherwise mundane situation.

In theatres however, the “guarattelle” are the traditional Neapolitan Puppetry shows. Some of the stories are based on old canvases, dating back to the 1600s. In these stories, Pulcinella meets, and often fights, typical characters from folk theatre: the wicked man, the fierce dog, the executioner, the Grim Reaper...
The conflict that develops from these meetings is always funny, irreverent, cathartic, and moves forward with an unstoppable rhythm.

These stories have been passed down through the centuries and Gianluca has been performing them for more that fifteen years with his little Puppetry Theatre.

Pulcinella is a well known character but one may not be familiar with his voice when performed in a puppetry show. A magic and powerful voice, similar to the quack of a duck and that is handed down with an old and mysterious technique from teacher to pupil.

“Le Guarattelle di Pulcinella” is a fast paced and entertaining show.
It is suitable for an audience from 4 to 100+ years old, works also as a relief against worries and has no side effects. Do not miss it...


Suitable for 4 year and older audiences