The man in the wardrobe


spettacolo di ombromania

A Show of Ombromanie (or Shadowgraphy)

“Chinese shadows”, shadows made with the performer’s hands, are an old tradition with many variations and styles. In this show, a smartly dressed gentleman “disappears” in a small wardrobe, closing the opaque glass door behind him.

The door lights up and becomes the screen through which the audience discovers the mysteries of the wardrobe. Due to Gianluca’s dexterity in handling puppets, the original situations and with the potential offered by shadows, a series of little characters appears on the screen. These graceful shadows act out an old theatrical scenario which was recently found at the library of the Museo Nazionale del Cinema in Turin, Italy.

Hands are transformed into puppets who, like in a magic dream, tell a story of love and deadly encounters.

Love, betrayal, revenge ... the man who lives in the wardrobe says goodbye and goes back in the dark.


For 4 year and older audiences